Hello there! 

OUR 2019 FUNDING DRIVE is underway, and we need you!

Galley Beggar Press needs to expand – not much, but a little. We need to do this in order to stay true to ourselves, our authors, and – importantly – our readers. We’re hoping to raise £10,000 by the end of spring. And we’re hoping to do it – crazy as this may sound – by selling books and getting our writers’ wonderful work to as many readers as possible. 

As to the why, there’s more on that below.

On the how – there are two ways we hope to make this work:

(1) By driving a few more sales of individual books through our online store. (There you’ll find our pride and joy – our current and back catalogue – as well as a chance to put in pre-orders for 2019’s phenomenal new novels by Lucy EllmannToby Litt, and Alex Pheby).

(2) Better still, by getting more people enrolled on our Galley Buddy scheme. (This is our subscription service, which is a vital part of our mission to produce and support beautiful books and a vibrant, eclectic, risk-taking range of literature – as well as to make sure that our writers will always have a solid bedrock of engaged, supportive readers.)  

Since you’re reading this message, we hope that you’re already inclined towards our writers and our publishing house, and that buying a book or becoming a Buddy won't feel like a too strange or outrageous request. ... Especially as, when you do buy a book from us (or subscribe), you’ll have the pleasure of supporting exquisitely talented world-class writers. For example:


That’s a photo of Preti Taneja at the Desmond Elliott Prize ceremony in 2018. She won! That’s right! Just like Eimear McBride, another of our authors, went and won the Desmond Elliott before her. (And the Baileys Women’s Prize. And the Goldsmiths.) … There have been so many other awards and prize nominations too – over 80% of our titles, in fact – and we’ve enjoyed remarkable success and good fortune in the six (almost seven) years we’ve been going. That’s all because we’ve been lucky enough to find some of the best writers out there. And we’ve been even more fortunate in that most of those writers have stuck with us and continued to write beautiful books. …

That’s left us with a small problem, however. A good problem, but still a problem. We’ve always intended to stay small, in order to minimise our risks. We’ve also always intended to launch new writers, as well as keep hold of the writers we love and admire so much. But we can’t quite do all these things at once... So we’re now at the stage where – to keep doing what we do best – we’re going to have to publish more books. We also need to sell more books direct, and bring on board more Buddies, to be able to do that. Hence this fundraiser, and that target of £10,000. That’s the equivalent of 200 new subscribers – or 1000 books. We hope it’s a realistic goal. It certainly feels like an attainable target. But also one that will make a huge difference to us, our authors, and those other writers out there we hope to publish one day. 

The final thing to emphasise is that our other big hope is that you’ll get something good out of the bargain too. You’ll get literature. You’ll get books that will stay with you forever. And you’ll get to know you are helping to support writers who are dedicated to their craft. 

Below, you’ll find links to our subscription scheme and to our shop. If you decide to become a Buddy, thank you. But even that single book purchase or pre-order will make a big difference. … Please do help us if you possibly can – and if those pennies are in short supply at the moment, RTing on Twitter, or otherwise spreading the word, will help us find those readers we need to reach our target.