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PATIENCE book club

WELCOME! Following the success of the Galley Beggar Press Book Club for Ducks, Newburyport (we had a blast!), here’s a new one. This time, we’ll be focusing on Toby Litt’s wonderful Patience. Everyone is welcome to join (and we’d actively like you too: so please, jump aboard). All you need to do to get going is head to the General Forum (click here, or on the button below), read the house rules, and type in your first comment. The Book Club has been set up so that readers can join on an ongoing basis, though the aim is to read Patience from now (October) through the early autumn months – and onwards.

OK. A word on general organisation. The Patience Book Club is three-pronged. First and foremost, we’ve set up a General Forum (again, here, or click on the button below) which people can log-on to for comments, ruminations, updates, and broad discussion. We anticipate this being the main meeting point for readers (a bit like Central Perk for bookworms). Then, ancillary to this, are some additional threads organised by page number (which you can access via the buttons at the bottom of this page). These are for any comments with spoilers. We’ll be checking in on these on an ongoing basis – although if you do post on these pages, it might be worth letting the General Forum know you’ve posted there, so people don’t miss it. Finally, we understand the attractions of real-time discussion. So, on October 27 2019, from 20:00 to 21:00 (or a little later) we’ll set up a live chat session.

Finally, a gentle word that the Galley Beggar Book Club is still in its infancy and a work in progress, which we’re keen to tweak and hone: so please do make comments and suggestions, and please do make us happy, by getting involved. We’ll also be joining in with discussions – and (we hope) might be able to offer some extra insight into Patience, without hampering open and forthright discussion. (A book like Patience should inspire excitement and questions and maybe even some discomfit, and you shouldn’t feel the need to tiptoe around us. … Having said that, we are extremely proud publishers!)

Right. Let’s get to it. All aboard. And buttons, below: