PATIENCE: General forum

Welcome! This is the general thread for the Patience Book Club, where participants can comment, ask questions, pose queries and thoughts – and just generally hang out.* We will join in too, answering any questions where we can: but please, don’t let this hold you back. What we are hoping for is engaged – not reticent – conversation.

(*Any comments with potential spoilers, don’t post here; instead head to the ancillary threads that have been organised by page number – you can find them at the bottom of the Book Club landing page – and, if you find yourself without friends in that section, drop a line here, so we know you’ve posted. … We’ve read Patience several times – so, even if no-one else is that far along, we’ll respond to you!)

A FEW HOUSE RULES: Please be kind to each other. Treat each other as you would like to be treated yourself, and remember that people have feelings. Critical engagement is great; personal attack or unwarranted inferences, never. Likewise: don’t take offence too readily – fellow readers are allowed to challenge your views; that’s what debate is about. We’ll be moderating the comments, as well as joining in, and keeping an eye on things.