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Win a rare first edition
of Eimear McBride’s
A Girl Is A Half-formed Thing

When we published Eimear McBride’s A Girl Is A Half-formed Thing in 2012, we printed just 1000 copies – a modest number which quickly sold out (it took a month). As time has gone on and the book’s fame has grown, these editions have become highly prized and coveted.

It’s not just that the true firsts* of A Girl are valuable items (worth around £500 and likely to only increase in value). They feel like a piece of literary history.

They’re also as rare as hen’s teeth – and, if you want to own a copy of your very own, you’re in luck.

The directors of Galley Beggar Press have a few first editions of A Girl Is A Half-formed Thing in their personal library. And from now, until 21 December 2017 (3pm), online customers who either buy one of our Galley Buddy subscriptions, sign up for an editorial surgery at the new Galley Beggar School, or enrol on our ‘Critical reading, Critical writing course’, will automatically have their name entered into a hat and stand a chance of winning one of those precious editions for themselves.

The offer ends on 21 December 2017 at 3pm. The winner will be announced at 4pm the same day (with the book posted, special delivery, on 22 December – just in time to reach UK entrants before Christmas).

Happy Christmas to you all... and good luck!

*First editions which routinely come up on AbeBooks (and similar websites) are almost never true firsts. It’s easy to tell, because the very first print run used TJ International as its printer; whereas all of the current black-cover editions up for sale on AbeBooks are later print runs (which were undertaken by Clays). What we’re offering is one of the very rare true first editions - printed by TJ International.