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Published October 2013

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‘Beautifully written, and as charming as it is dark.’ (Kirkus Reviews)

‘Sophisticated and evocative.’ (Library Journal)

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PETER is a boy who doesn’t really understand the present and refuses to think properly about the past, but who is compelled to come to terms with both. Glorying in the joys and gentle adventures of childhood and featuring a sidekick - Anna-Marie - as memorable as Dill in To Kill A Mockingbird, Everlasting Lane is bittersweet and delightfully strange. 

This exploration of the complexities of family relationships and the shadows that the past can cast over the present is an intriguing and instantly captivating debut. Andrew Lovett is a new voice who captures perfectly the idiosyncrasies of village life and the unique character of the people on our strange island.    

ANDREW LOVETT lives near York with his family. Everlasting Lane is his first novel based, in part, on his own childhood.