The Galley Beggar Press
Short Story Prize 2018/19


LORRIE MOORE, ‘Dance in America’

ONCE OR TWICE A WEEK, and while submissions are open for the GBP Short Story Prize 2018/19, we'll be posting a short story for our friends and entrants to access freely.

Second is Lorrie Moore’s ‘Dance in America’, chosen by GBP Short Story Prize judge Jonathan Gibbs. Jonathan writes:

‘This is probably my all-time favourite short story, full of zinger one-liners and characters that are at once desperately sad and full of artificial, bubbly, reprehensible life. Lorrie Moore manages to walk the tightrope between irony and whimsy like no one else. This story moves me.’

‘Dance in America’ is available to New Yorker subscribers here – or you can listen to it for free here.

A recent Guardian profile can be read here.

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