The Galley Beggar Press
Short Story Prize 2018/19

Classic Stories No. 1:
ROBERTO BOLANO, ‘Henri Simon Leprince’

ONCE OR TWICE A WEEK, and while submissions are open for the GBP Short Story Prize 2018/19, we'll be posting a short story for our friends and entrants to access freely.

First is Roberto Bolano’s ‘Henri Simon Leprince’, chosen by GBP Short Story Prize judge Philip Langeskov. Philip writes: ‘When I was younger, and full of dreams, I used to keep scraps of paper in my wallet with extracts from stories, essays, poems etc jotted on them in my curious, adolescent hand. My reasoning was that these extracts would, in the event of my death, somehow stand as an explanation of myself that my actions would not have been able to provide. I'm older now, and my wallet isn't very big, but if it was, I'd probably fold this whole thing up and put it in there.’

You can read ‘Henri Simon Leprince’ here.  

An article discussing Bolano’s legacy – and written by his friend Andres Neuman – can be found here.

To learn more about this year’s prize, head here.