The Galley Beggar Press
Short Story Prize 2017/18


Classic Stories No. 8:
F. SCOTT FITZGERALD, ‘Babylon Revisited’ 

ONCE A WEEK, and while submissions are open for the GBP Short Story Prize 2017/18, we’ll be posting a short story for our friends and entrants to access freely.

Eighth is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘Babylon Revisited’, chosen by GBP Short Story Prize judge and Galley Beggar co-director Eloise Millar. Of this choice, Eloise writes:

‘How many writers can present a sentence as well – or as beautifully – as F. Scott Fitzgerald? Some, undoubtedly – but certainly not many. As to his short stories and in particular Babylon Revisited, I can’t put it better than last year’s GBP Prize judge Chris Power, and his excellent Guardian article on Fitzgerald (linked below): “An account of the previously dissolute Charlie Wales’s attempt to convince his daughter’s guardians that he has reformed, [Babylon Revisited] implies not only the hazardously fragile nature of Charlie's desire to be a better person, but also the entire giddy rush of the 1920s, of youthful success and its seamy underbelly, and of the shell-shock experienced by a generation when their limitless, impregnable world collapsed around them. In short, it is a devastating essay on the nature of what its author would later term qualified unhappiness.’

You can read ‘Babylon Revisited’ here.

And Chris Power’s article on Fitzgerald’s short fiction here

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