Submission windows

In 2018, there will be two submission windows for full-length manuscripts. These are: 

15-31 July 2018

15-30 November 2018

Submissions should be emailed to with a brief covering email. 


Other key information

  • We publish adult literary fiction and narrative non-fiction. We do not currently consider other genres (e.g., poetry, lifestyle, commercial fiction).
  • Before submitting, you are strongly encouraged to familiarise yourself with our list. In your covering letter, tell us which of our authors you have read and why you feel your work is suited to Galley Beggar Press. 
  • Do also subscribe to our newsletter (just enter your email address, below), to get a feel for the company. (And become a Galley Buddy, if you’d like to be introduced to some excellent writers.)
  • We welcome submissions from agented and non-agented writers – and actively encourage submissions from women, BAME, disabled, working class and LGBT writers. 
  • As much as we would like to, we cannot enter into correspondence on submissions, or individual work. 
  • We do not accept or return posted manuscripts.