Galley Buddy subscription service


OUR SUBSCRIBERS are a vital part of our mission to produce and support beautiful books and a vibrant, eclectic, risk-taking range of literature. Since you’re on this website, we hope that this appeals to you – and that we can now persuade you to become more actively engaged with our publishing house. We also hope that you (or someone you love) will get something very good out of the bargain, too: a selection of our beautiful limited editions, party and event invites, and the pleasure of supporting world-class writers at the very start of their careers. 

Whether you take out a Galley Buddy subscription as present to someone else, or a treat to yourself, you’ll also be lending us essential support. The money from the subscription is key to the survival of our press. It helps us to develop a sustainable business, allows us to keep on promoting superb authors and wonderful books to the very best of our ability, and – just as important – build an engaged and supportive readership. It’s just fantastic to be able to tell our authors that there are already people out there who have signed up for their books and who are going to read them. It helps them know that what they are doing already matters – and that other people care as much as we do.

Below, you’ll find descriptions of our subscription scheme with links to our shop if you decide to become a Buddy (and if you do, thank you). Alternatively, if a smaller monthly direct debit is a better option for you, just head here.  




Limited edition ‘black-cover’ versions of each of our next 4 titles (these editions are printed in a one-time-only run of 500). 

Your name included in an acknowledgements section at the back of four titles.

A 25% discount code for ongoing use in our online shop.

Free ebook versions of each of the four titles upon request. 

Invitations to launches and Galley Beggar events throughout the year. 

Where possible Buddies will also offered advance proof copies or PDFs of these four titles, just as soon as they become available, alongside special updates, news bulletins, and other benefits.


Additional information

Overseas subscriptions
Readers who have got this far will have noticed that European and Worldwide subscriptions are more expensive; this is down to postage costs, which - in many cases - are extremely high and, indeed, have sometimes cost more than the books themselves. We’re very sorry to have to charge extra, but hope you understand.

When will we hear from you? 
After you become a Buddy, you’ll receive a welcome message from Galley Beggar Press. In it, we’ll let you know the publication dates for our next titles, and also get you uploaded onto our system so that you receive newsletters, event invitations, and any other offers. 

What if I want books from the backlist? 
If you’d prefer to receive one or more books from the backlist instead of future publications, just let us know by email or the ‘Notes’ section in the checkout. We can arrange this. 

What if my subscription is a gift for a friend? 
Don’t worry! Again, make a note of this in the ‘Notes’ section in the checkout. We’ll then get in touch to make sure we have everything right.