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Published 18 August 2016 

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‘A megawatt talent.’ (The Guardian) 

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CHOSEN by The Observer as a Fiction Pick for 2016, Feeding Time is a debut like no other: a blast of rage against the dying of the light. 

Dot is losing the will to live. 

Tristan is sick of emptying bedpans. 

Cornish spends entire days barricaded in his office. 

And Ruggles… well. Ruggles is damn well going to escape those Nazi villains and get back to active duty. 

The mix is all the more combustible since Dot, Tristan, Cornish and Ruggles are all under the same roof - that of a rapidly declining old people’s home called Green Oaks. There’s going to be an explosion. It’s going to be messy. And nobody knows who will pick up the pieces. 

"The first full-length work of fiction from Adam Biles: Feeding Time… is a scintillating novel of ideas about an ageing world" (The Observer, Fiction Picks For 2016)

"It's a clue to Bile's purpose - not to mention a sign of his megawatt talent - that even in the murkiest depths of the staff's villainy, you're wholeheartedly signed up to their basic humanity. The writing's glorious comic verve is key: Biles knows how to time a gag and has a wonderful knack for bright, fresh wording… Feeding Time is a tricksy yet big-hearted novel that wrestles with an ever-thornier social dilemma without being remotely worthy. It is dedicated to readerly pleasure without short-changing the sadness at its core." (The Guardian

“Biles concocts a kind of crazed picaresque whereby the unfolding events at Green Oaks merge with passages from Boys' Own adventure stories… The result is intensely refreshing." (The Spectator)

"Wonderfully lively, beautifully offbeat… Feeding Time also achieves the rare but fabled mark of the really funny book by making me laugh loudly enough on public transport to draw annoyed looks from the other passengers." (Sunday Express)

"Riotous." (The Irish Times, Books of the Year 2016)

"A dazzling work on the dismal decay, and humour, of old age." (The Millions)

"With Feeding Time, Biles has turned into a force to be reckoned with." (3AM Magazine)

"A rare and imaginative tale filled with verve, wit and daring-do." (Never Imitate)

"A revolutionary uprising in an old people's home makes for an interesting concept for a novel. Adam Biles's debut, Feeding Time, adds biting wit and sharp prose to the mix to make a great page-turner of a novel." (Sleepless Editor)

"Exceptional… By turns endearing and repulsive, this book will get under your skin." (Book Muse)

"Thrilling, thoughtful… This is a novel about aging - and also about resistance." (Necessary Fiction)

"The shades of Franz Kafka and Kingsley Amis shuffle through the halls of Biles' infernal old folk's home. Dazzling." (Will Wiles, author of Care of Wooden Floors)

"A reading experience that is poignant, smart and giddy." (David Flusfeder, author of John the Pupil)

"Feeding Time brims over with inventive energy, stylish prose, and Adam Biles' anarchic imagination." (Rob Doyle, author of Here Are The Old Men)

ADAM BILES is an English writer and translator based in Paris. He is the events director at Shakespeare & Company and his writing has appeared in Gorse, Vestoj, 3:AM Magazine, Momma Tried and at the Palais de Tokyo. Adam came second place in the 2011 Shakespeare & Company Paris Literary Prize for the Novella with his highly praised debut, Grey Cats.