Critical reading, critical writing: London 2019-20


Critical reading, critical writing: London 2019-20

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The ‘Critical reading, critical writing’ course is a London-based class taught by Galley Beggar co-director and Guardian journalist Sam Jordison. Places will be limited to 20 people per class, and the course will run for a six-month period, with six classes to a course (running for two hours per session). For the autumn course (beginning November 2019), the selected titles are:

  • In Our Time by Ernest Hemingway (Class 1, 11 November)

  • The Return of the Soldier by Rebecca West (Class 2, 9 December)

  • Wise Children by Angela Carter (Class 3, 13 January)

  • Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin (Class 4, 10 February)

  • Nightwatch by Terry Pratchett (Class 5, 16 March)

  • We that are young by Preti Taneja (Class 6, 13 April)