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IN AN IDEAL WORLD, we’d like to take on more authors and publish more titles – but because there are so many things involved in the publication of a book (production, publicity, marketing, as well as many other small things that take time, care and dedication), we’ve chosen to keep our list small.

We really do want to expand the number of authors and aspiring writers we work with, however – and not just because we are always excited by new projects and voices, but because we’ve seen first-hand how invaluable good editorial support can be.


With this in mind, we’ve developed our new Galley Beggar Mentorship Programme – a programme especially designed to offer individual editorial support to writers who would like professional help and advice to see their project through.

Taking place over six months, the mentorship programme is offered on a one-to-one basis and structured around nine hours of meetings. Outside of these meetings, your editor will also continue to read and assess work-in-progress. Because we also know that writers often have questions about the wider publishing world – as well as their creative work – we will also draw on our professional experience and offer as much sound advice as we can on that front, too.

The ultimate goal of the Galley Beggar Mentorship Programme is not about publishing but about writing. We want to help you make your book as good as it can possibly be. We want to see you improve your work, stretch your creative ambitions – and to be able to do this drawing on a support system which is rigorous and honest, warm and personal.


The nuts and bolts

Four mentorships will be offered throughout 2018: two running from April until September, and a further two from July until December.

Each mentorship covers a six-month period and will be structured according to the needs of each individual and their particular project. This will be agreed upon before the mentorship begins, but as a rough guide:

  • The author will be able to submit up to 50,000 words of a writing project before the commencement of the mentorship and its first 90-minute session (one of six, held face-to-face or via Skype on a monthly basis). During the initial session the author and their editor will then discuss what is currently working in their project, what needs development, and set out a programme for subsequent work.
  • During the five following monthly sessions, authors will continue to enjoy engaged and high-quality feedback on the progression of their project, receive recommendations and advice on wider reading and research, and also be able submit up to 10,000 words prior to each session (together with a list of questions, areas of concern or snagging points, and any further ideas). This way, every meeting remains geared towards the authors (that is, your) specific needs.

At the end of the mentorship programme, authors will receive a written report on their project, with pointers for further development and drafting – and, if the manuscript is of a finished standard, receive advice on submitting to agents and publishers or preparing the book for self-publication.


Fees and application

Fees. The mentorship fee for our six-month programme is £1600. This is payable upon acceptance into the scheme (after an offer has been made and accepted, and a contract signed).

Application. It’s important that editors and writers are matched appropriately, and – because of this – instead of automatic registration, there is an application process for mentorships. By clicking the link below, you’ll be taken to an initial contact page where you’ll be asked to supply details about yourself, your writing project, and submit a short sample of your writing. All work will be treated in the strictest confidence, and we aim to reply to applicants within a 14 day period.