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Published 8 June 2015 

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  • Longlisted for the 2016 Desmond Elliott Prize 

‘A novel steeped in the heat and light of the subcontinent… this strikingly original debut probes not just the implications of technology but human ties, too.’ (The Lady) 

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'RAYMOND ESS is going to kill me.'

This is what Steven Strauss thinks. He also thinks that he and his boss Raymond Ess are on a fool's errand. They're in India to buy an anti-gravity machine - something Steven is almost certain doesn't exist, and something Ess is convinced will save his company from bankruptcy. It's hopeless, everyone knows. At least, Steven knows it - and he knows, too, that his boss's grip on reality is growing weaker by the day. His fixation on anti-gravity devices is just one more symptom of a failing mind…

…Or is Essi, in fact, as crazy as he seems? 

As you read The Weightless World, you’ll start to wonder. This fantastically entertaining debut stretches the limits of possibility. It shows that when technology becomes indistinguishable from magic, miracles can happen. It shows us our world anew. And as it does, it weaves a tale of friendship, betrayal, and loss that will move the ground from beneath your feet. 

ANTHONY TREVELYAN was born in Lancashire and lives in Manchester. He works as a teacher of Creative Writing and English at a sixth form college in Stockport. The Weightless World is his first novel.