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Short Story Prize 2018/19

the 2018/19 shortlist:

We are delighted to announce the shortlist for this year’s prize:

Above the fat’ by Thomas Chadwick

The Proci’ by Mikaella Clements

When can you start?’ by Anna Wood

Good girl’ by Martha Whatley

These stories won their place after serious debate and consideration – and after seriously impressing us.

For Mikaella Clement’s ‘The proci’, the judges talked especially about how it “delivers on vision”, while being “refreshingly ambitious, delightfully strange, of wonderful depth – and saying something important, but never worthy, about gender.”

Thomas Chadwick’s ‘Above the fat’ was called “understated and devastating”, with “sophisticated – and quietly heart-breaking – characterisation” and an “elegant, perfectly balanced rhythm and pace.”   

Anna Wood’s ‘When can you start?’ impressed everyone with its elegance – the “level of sophistication at work, the seamless segues from daydream to reality and back, and various other technical slights of hand so deftly executed as to render them invisible.”  

Finally, Martha Whatley’s ‘Good girl’ was called “exciting and fresh”, “appealingly unapologetic (without disguising the moral realities of the action and events)”, and was praised for its “pitch perfect register.”

While it is easy to praise these fantastic stories, it was very difficult to decide on the final cut – because there were also so many good things to say about the other stories on the longlist.  From the beautifully measured prose of ‘Confidence interval’, the energy and daring of ‘Eggs’, the panoramic sweep of ‘It is summer at Camp Pomodoro’, the “baited-breath atmosphere” of ‘Girls’, and the elegant depths of ‘Zenith’, to the quiet beauty of ‘Little boxes’ – very story felt very special, very fine, and utterly unique. We’re sure we’ll be hearing much more from these writers – and we certainly want to. In the meantime, we’re excited to have such a fine shortlist. Watch this space for the announcement of the winner on 22nd March.

The 2018/19 longlist:

Alice Ash, ‘Eggs’, Thomas Chadwick, ‘Above the fat’, Mikaella Clements, ‘The Proci’, Holly Fitzgerald, ‘Little boxes’, Laura Kaye, ‘Girls’, Vijay Khurana, ‘Zenith’, Nicholas Petty, ‘It is summer at Camp Pomodoro’, Guy Ware, ‘Confidence interval’, Martha Whatley, ‘Good girl’, Anna Wood, ‘When can you start?’

In addition to the final longlist of ten, we also have a number of special mentions, for stories which impressed and moved one or more of our judges: ‘Keener sounds’, by Richard Strachan; ‘Two’, by Laura Hayward; ‘As for Tokyo’, by Gordon Collins; ‘Sal’, by Emma Hutton; ‘What's for you won’t go by you’, by Uschi Gatward; ‘Other people’s dirt’, by Alison Armstrong

Meet the 2018/19 Galley Beggar Press Short Story Prize longlist

Key dates: 
Longlist announcement: 11 February 2019
Shortlist announcement: 1 March 2019
Prize-winner announcement: 22 March 2019 

The winning author will receive £1000 or one year’s editorial support for a writing project.
Shortlisted authors will each receive £150.
Longlisted authors will receive £50 of book vouchers and a 4-book subscription to Galley Beggar Press.  

the 2018/19 PRize judges

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