The Galley Beggar Press
Short Story Prize 2019/20


The Galley Beggar Press Story Story Prize 2019/20 is now open to submissions.





This year, the directors of Galley Beggar Press will be joined by three new judges: Arifa Akbar, Toby Litt, and Todd McEwen.  



For the 2019/20 Prize there are three tiers of awards: 

  • The WINNER of the 2018/19 Short Story Prize will receive a cash prize of £2000.

  • SHORTLISTED authors will each be awarded £150.

  • Each LONGLISTED author will receive £50 of bookshop vouchers, plus a 4-book subscription to Galley Beggar Press.


Cost of entry

Entry costs £10 per story. The proceeds of the prize pay for the administration costs of the prize, and also raise essential funds for Galley Beggar Press (allowing us to continue to focus on new, ambitious and ‘risky’ authors). This year, there are also 70 free entries available to those on low-incomes (offered on a first-come, first-serve basis – and after emailing 


Deadlines and announcements

  • The deadline for submissions is midnight of the evening of 30 September 2019 (UK time).

  • On 13 January 2020, midday, a longlist of 10 stories will be announced.

  • On 27 January 2020, midday, a shortlist of 3 stories will be announced.

  • On 17 February 2020 the winner of the 2019/20 GBP Short Story Prize will be announced.



Further submission information

  • Submissions must be no longer than 6,000 words.

  • The cost of entry for each short story is £10.

  • The deadline for submissions is midnight of the evening of 30 September 2019.

  • By entering this award, you accept the terms and conditions.

  • Please read the terms and conditions for further information on translations, published/unpublished stories, and etc.


How to enter 

To enter the award, click here.